Autocon LabDID System
LabRAD System

Autocon Continuous Processing of Santa Rosa, California, continues to expand its line of Lab Scale (low through-put) Systems with the introduction of the LabDID System. This system consists of one or more solid volumetric feeders (±1.5%/wt.), one or more Liquid Feeders (the unit pictured has on Solid Feeder and one Liquid Feed) and an Autocon 3.75" DID (Direct Discharge) Mixer. The components share a common frame. The overall dimensions of the unit are 26"w x 30"d x 54"h. Add-on options allow multiple Dry Feeders and Liquid Feeds. All Drives are variable speed and the intimate materials of construction are 304 stainless steel. The through-put rate range is 1/4 lb./min. to 30 lbs./min.