Jour de lAmour Online Slot Explained

The theme of the Jour de lAmour slot from Games OS is all based around love in France. The slot functions in much the same way as other slot titles from Games OS, and so all players should be able to pick up how it works without too many struggles. The Jour de lAmour includes a wild symbol, which is able to replace any of the other slot symbols. What this does is create some new symbol combinations, which of course has the possibility of creating new winnings combinations. There is no guarantee that a wild landing on the game reels will result in a win, but your chances certainly do increase.

If it does happen that the wild forms a number of different winning combinations, the Jour de lAmour slot will pay out whichever was the biggest win. So you are always sure to get the most out of a win if you are fortunate enough to create some good combinations.

Jour de lAmour Slot Bet Max

In order to adjust the Jour de lAmour slot setting, just take note of the + and – buttons at the bottom of the screen. The Bet Max button will automatically place the maximum bet for the next spin, which will of course put you in line with a chance of claiming the main jackpot prize win. Online players can choose how many paylines they wish to activate, and they can go all the way to the maximum of 25 paylines. In Jour de lAmour, online players can also adjust the bet or coin value. As you adjust the bet size and the number of paylines, the final size of your next stake will show in the Total Bet window.

Jour de lAmour Internet Based Slot

Free Spins with Jour de lAmour Slot

The Jour de lAmour slot for all online players does offer the opportunity to get your hands on free spins. All online slot players will know the value of free spins. Without costing you anything extra, the free spins give players the opportunity to create additional winning combinations. Whether you have a big budget and like to bet the maximum on each spin, or if you prefer smaller bets, free spins are valuable to anybody.

In order to get free spins, you need to land 3 scatter symbols at a minimum. More scatter symbols will get your more free spins. Anywhere from 5 to 15 free spins are on offer in the Jour de lAmour slot.

In addition to the free spins, Jour de lAmour online slot offers a number of different bonuses. All of these are activated by landing the white cat game symbols. The bonus rounds on offer include the Catch a Bird bonus, the Goldfish Present, and also the Great Monster. All of these offer some additional entertainment to the standard format of the Jour de lAmour slot, but importantly they also offer new winning opportunities.

On the game interface of Jour de lAmour from Games OS, online players can adjust the slot settings to suit their playing style. The big heart shaped Spin button is fairly obvious, and by tapping or pressing on this, the reels will start spinning.