Overview of House of Scare Online Slot

One of the options available to all House of Scare slot players is the option to gamble your winnings. As soon as you do land a winning combination, and you subsequently receive a win payout, players have the option of tapping on the Gamble button. To start off with, you have the option of guessing the colour of the hidden card. If you guess the colour correct, so either red or black, your last win will be doubled. You can then go further and attempt to guess the suit of the hidden card. Guess between aces, spades, clubs or hearts, and if you get it correct your winnings will be quadrupled. If you started out with a big win, and then you manage to quadruple it, you will find that your winning’s total actually increases quite quickly.

However, when using the gamble button in the House of Scare slot, you must also remember that there is a degree of risk involved. If you guess incorrectly, you will end up losing your winnings. Because of this, online players of the House of Scare slot should think quite carefully before actually gambling. Decide on a playing strategy and the use the gamble button if it suits your plan, or if you are just feeling lucky.

House of Scare Slot Settings

On the game interface of the House of Scare slot from Games OS, players can adjust the game settings. This interface is very similar to other slot titles from Games OS, and so many players will be quite familiar with all the buttons. On the right, you can adjust the number of autospins, which is very useful particularly if you are playing multiple slot games at the exact same time. Next to this you can use the + and – buttons to adjust the size or values of the coins. A total of 25 paylines can be activated if you choose to, but remember that you can also play on fewer paylines if this is what you decide. In the final window, the actual size of your next bet is shown, which is of course affected by the bet size and the number of activated House of Scare slot paylines.

House of Scare Online Slot Settings

Characters of House of Scare

Compared to most pokies at https://pokiesonlinenz.net.nz/casinos, the theme of the House of Scare slot from Games OS is of course a horror. The slot setup is that of a big haunted house, with different scary characters sitting in all the rooms of the house, which actually are the game reels. The characters include a scary ghost, a voodoo doll, a bottle of potions, and also the coffin car bonus symbol. There are numerous other symbols, all of which are indicated on the paytable that comes along with the House of Scare slot.

For full details about all of the game symbols, as well as what the best House of Scare slot winning combinations are, refer to the paytable at any time while you are playing, This will also help you to plan what size bet you want to place on each spin, or how many paylines you would like to activate.