Why We are Attracted to the Games of Chance

Is seems bizarre that as humans we would love games of chance. We are taught from a young age that one needs stability and security and we get programmed about what that means and where we can get it. In a world where we are in control of everything that we do and almost certain of every outcome of our actions, why then do we risk our hard-earned money on games of chance?

The Mystery of It All

A game of chance is considered to be a game that requires some or no skill to play. Irrespective of the amount of skill that is required to play, the outcome of it is completely random. No one has an influence over the deciding factor of the win. Some would therefore say that since it is so random, no skill is required to play it. However, Roulette for example, still requires skill to play, but the white ball will land where it wants to.

This being said, it is important to understand that we have no control over the outcome of a game of chance. Funny or ironic as it may seem, this is part of, if not the biggest appeal that it has to us as players. The fact that we cannot control it, draws us out of our every day life and we are placed in a situation where we can simple be mindless for the end result. We can simply enjoy the process without having to be in control

Equalling the Field

In the early 1920’s, Max Ehrman wrote in the Desiderata: “Forever there will be people greater and lesser than yourself”.  The beauty of a game of chance is that it doesn’t care about how great you are, or how skilled you are, or what degree you have. It doesn’t care about your feelings. In that regard it puts all of its players on an equal playing field.

You can be a waitress sitting next to the CEO of a mayor corporation. The attraction is that, at the edge of the table the players are all equal. No needs to feel less of or more than the person next to them. No one stands a bigger chance than the other because of any reason. Lady luck has a mind and a will of her own and only she knows her next move.

Playing Games of Chance

Norepinephrine Junkie

Norepinephrine is the chemical that is released by our adrenal glands. Simply put, we humans are adrenalin junkies. Norepinephrine is the chemical that prepares the body to go into either fight or flight mode. We however do not do either of it when playing a game of chance or going on a roller coaster. Instead, we force our bodies into a neutral position.

This is where the crazy butterflies come from. When your stomach is turning, and you feel so amazing from what is about to happen. It is because your body wants to run or defend itself, and you are telling it not to. That all is well. The feeling is quite intoxicating. This is the same feeling we get when playing a game of chance. It invigorates us. Of course, we are going to love it, how could we not?